Since 2005 the African American Alzheimer’s and Wellness Association, born out

of a great need to support those that are at the greatest risk for developing

Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s, has serviced the Columbus and surrounding

areas. We have a board of directors that have over 50 years of knowledge and

experience in this specialized area of caring for those in need.

While we serve all families regardless of race, statistics show that the African

American is at greatest risk for developing this disease due to hypertension and

diabetes being so prevalent in our community. Both of these diseases increase

the risk for Alzheimer’s!

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain complication that is not a normal aging process, it

destroys memory and independence and also robs families of a normal

relationship with their loved one.

The African American Alzheimer’s and Wellness Association realizes the challenges

that face approximately five million Americans older than 65 and a half million

Americans younger than age 65 that have some form of dementia.

We are here to help! We provide many services from information and educational

materials, memory screening for early detection and our specialized Kustaafu Arts

Program. Research have confirmed that those with dementia can find ways to

express themselves and “the arts” is one form of their expression.

We also provide Wellness Workshops to church congregations and corporate

employee meetings!

We look forward to hearing from you call now 800-489-6040 you will not regret

your decision.