HUE (Helping Us Escape) Youth Advocacy Program
The HUE program is committed to providing support and education to prevent the
misuse of prescription medication and avoid the use of illegal drugs among youth ages 8-24 y.o. Through education and stage production the process of bringing greater awareness and prevention will grow into a continued and duplicatable effort of wellness and drug prevention for our youth in the community.

This program has a focus on teaching the importance of taking medications as prescribed.

The HUE program has a special focus on early intervention as well as a family based approach for better efficacy. The potential impact of specific risk and protective factors changes with age.For example, risk factors within the family have greater impact on a younger child,while association with drug-abusing peers may be a more significant risk fact for adolescent as reported by Gerstein and Green 1993: Dishion 1999

Child and parent Literacy

Reading together creates and unified experience for the whole family! We offer reading comprehension and tutoring for you and your child! 

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